Well after my first week of 3kg loss, I put it almost all back on since I chomp on too many nuts. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. I have now set myself a weekly allocation of a cup of nuts, once that’s gone, I can’t have any more till the following week.

The non-dairy thing is suprisingly easy and as of yet, I haven’t felt like I need to replace cheese with some nasty cheese replacement. Well, I don’t know if they are nasty, haven’t tried them yet, but previous vegan cheese attempts weren’t all that glorious.

I am now starting on phase 2. Eliminating refined sugars from my diet. That sort of means no processed foods as sugar is pretty much part of any processed food no matter how low in fat it is. In fact, the lower a food is in fat, the more sugar is pumped into it. I imagine that won’t be too hard apart from home baking. But I am not attempting a 100% lifestyle here, more a 80% be good approach. The problem with refined sugar for me is that having sugary things makes me grave for more food quicker and doesn’t keep me full up. So. e.g. if I have porridge in the morning and sweeten it a bit with sugar than I want more food by 10, if I sweeten it with a bit of agave nectar I feel fuller for longer. Or those low fat yogurt (which I no longer have obviously) are full of sugar.

Phase 3, will be cutting out bread and refined, processed wheat… i.e. only wholegrain stuff. I may have wholegrain bread, like German rye bread but in moderation. Again a 80%/20% split.

But tonight I am out for a Jyoti’s meal, a vegetarian Indian restaurant which has 90% of vegan food on its menu. So yummy.