Last year, I gave up my blog. There were many reasons. For one, the new found long lost family complications it created, some of my husband’s family members reading blog posts and then wanting to discuss them in real life with me or disapproving, shaking their heads of what I share, and most importantly: I had said it all I wanted to say in that space. And once everything is said, it’s hard to continue.

So inspired by dear Jo, I thought: Hey, I can just start afresh. I just can’t blog about some things on my business blog. Just doesn’t work and sits right. I doubt potential customers are interested in my adventures of achieving a total animal cruelty free lifestyle (i.e. being vegan) or whether I should colour my hair in an extreme colour or stay beige. Sometimes thoughts pop into my head and I just want to write it down somewhere.

So: no idea what I will blog about yet, but blog I will. Be prepared for atrocious grammar, awful spelling, nonsensical posts and stuff no one needs to know.