I am currently totally addicted to these. I could eat them, morning, lunch, night, get up in the middle of the night. I bought several packs of the rice paper stuff from “home bargains” which is kinda like the pound shop/dollar store for 19p for a pack of 20. Let’s just say I spent £5. I know. But they are so yummy. I either have them with that peanut sauce or I make a sweet/sour chilli sauce (think chilli, some raw sugar, some rice vinegar, blender, add cucumber if too hot).

Part of my vegan journey is that I want to get away from obvious meat replacement foods. It’s very easy to just buy vegan hot dogs, vegan steak, vegan cheese etc. I am not saying that I will never buy them but I don’t want them to be the first thing I reach for when I prepare a dish. Ideally, I am looking for dishes that are vegan from the outset because they are then well balanced and satisfying. Well, in my experience anyway. Also that meat replacement stuff: it costs a lot of money, is heavily processed, bad for the environment and you know tastes often quite yucky.